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Pastor Darby in the News


August 23, 1950
First Baptist Church
Clifton, Arizona



To: Al Fenn,
      Managing Director,
      The Copper Era


First Baptist Church Has A New Pastor

August 6, 1950  The First Baptist Church of Clifton voted to call Rev. Wesley A. Darby as its pastor. Rev. James Vinson, who had been serving both the First Baptist Church of Clifton and also the Stargo Baptist Church, resigned his position at Clifton in order to better serve the Stargo Baptist Church.  The Rev. and Mrs. Darby moved into the parsonage of the First Baptist Church the 12th of this month.

Both Rev. and Mrs. Darby are natives of this state.  They were born and spent most of their lives in Glendale, Arizona.  While in High School Rev. Darby was active as football player and president of the Lettermen Club.

While attending Arizona State College in Flagstaff Rev. Darby served as the Assistant Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Flagstaff and as Pastor of the Sunnyside Baptist Church in the Sunnyside community east of Flagstaff.  Rev. Darby studied for the ministry in the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and Rockmont College in Denver, Colorado.  While in Colorado, Rev. Darby served in the First Baptist Church of Westminster for two years.

Rev. Darby is enthusiastic in his outlook for the future of the First Baptist Church of Clifton.  He sees a bountiful work which can be done for the community through the First Baptist Church in the name of Christ.  Having worked with and studied under many of the leaders of the Conservative Baptist Churches of Colorado and Arizona Rev. Darby hopes to build for Christ a church that will be akin to and have fellowship with the leading Baptist churches of the state and our nation.

Published Sept. 1, 1950
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September 12, 1950



To: Mr. Al Fenn,
      Managing Director,
      The Copper Era


Sept. 11, a reception was held in the First Baptist Church of Clifton for the Rev. and Mrs. Wesley A. Darby.  Mr. R. S. Ross, the church moderator, served as master of ceremonies.  Miss Patsy Blair led the group in the opening hymn.  A welcome was given by Mr. G. B. Estes; Rev. George Cole gave the response.  A vocal solo, "Were You There?", was given by Mrs. Inez Crawley.  Mrs. R. S. Ross gave the reading, "The Touch of The Master's Hand".  Mrs. G. B. Estes played "Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us" on the piano.  The visiting pastors were introduced and each gave a few words of welcome to Rev. Darby.  Rev. Harvey Rakow sang a solo, "Is My Master Satisfied With Me?"  Miss Shirley Ross played a piano solo, "Kneel at the Cross".  Rev. Wesley Darby closed the service with prayer and the group was served refreshments by the Dorcas Missionary Society.

Several of the pastors of the area were present:  Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Drake of the Morenci Chapel, Rev. George Cole of the First Presbyterian Church of Clifton, Rev. Harvey Rakow of the First Baptist Church of Morenci, Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Darby of Clifton.

Members and friends of the church present were:  Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Ross and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hayes and family, Mrs. L. R. Taylor, Mrs. Darline Garrett and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wilcoxson and family, Mrs. C. A. Bullard, Mrs. E. R. Bullard, Mrs. Naomi Hayes, Mer. and Mrs. S. D. Hayes and family, Mrs. Wm. F. Byrd and family, Mrs. Fay Forehand, Mr. Burl A. Blair and Patsy, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blair and family, Mrs. Inez Crawley, Mrs. Geraldine Garza and family, Mrs. Lucille Day, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Estes and Irene Grace, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Witherspoon, Mrs. Virgie Newbold, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bruce and family, Mr. Donald Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Rey Bergquist and family, and Mr. Don Nelson and family.



Arizona Baptist, October, 1950

Wesley A. Darby, recent graduate of Rockmont College in Denver, and his wife have taken up the work of the pastorate at First Baptist Church, Clifton, Arizona.  Brother Darby was saved in the First Baptist Church of Glendale, there received his early training in the Christian life, and there received the call to the Ministry.  We rejoice with the Baptists in Clifton in the coming to this field this young couple who already have endeared themselves to the church.  God is blessing richly.  Already the church has become missionary  minded and voted to give a minimum of ten dollars per month to missions.  Our prayers go with pastor and congregation, that the testimony may be effective in the salvation of souls in this mining town.



FBC Glendale News

The church is being blessed with opportunities of service and we feel that this is one why in which we may grow.  We have assumed partial support of Rev. Wesley Darby, a member of our church, who recently accepted a call to the First Baptist Church at Clifton, Arizona.

Rev. Darby received his education in the Glendale schools, The Arizona State College at Flagstaff and Rockmont College, Denver, Colo., where he obtained his AB degree.


Too Much Mud

Clifton, Arizona
October 28, 1950


The Arizona Republic
Phoenix, Arizona

Is there such at thing as a clean political battle?  The dirty politics that are being used make me unhappy with the leaders of Arizona.  In the school tax issue the opponents publish the daily wage of the teachers, and it appears high; but how about their yearly income?  This high daily wage is for five days per week and only nine months out of the year.  How about a true picture instead of a distorted one?

In the local option issue the same thing is true.  A quotation of the worst of the 38 states which has it is given.  How about an over-all average?  Look at Glendale, with a form of local option already in force, and compare it with the rest of the state for taxes, lack of crime, and civic improvement.  Local option is the right to vote.  Those who say it is prohibition may be right if they mean that the right to vote is prohibition.

Is this a democracy, or are we under the dictatorship of a wealthy minority?  Money seems to win elections nowadays.  How about a bill calling for a clear statement of each side of an issue and forbidding anything but the publication of a pamphlet containing both sides?  As it is today every issue is confused by propaganda, and the side with the most money to spend has an unfair advantage.

Yours for cleaner politics,


Wesley A. Darby