Radio Teachings

by Pastor Wesley Darby


radioIn the 1950's, while pastoring the First Baptist Church of Clifton, Arizona, Pastor Darby also had a radio ministry with a program aired on KLCF AM in Clifton.  In addition to daily 15 minute messages, the First Baptist Church also had a morning radio show on Sunday mornings before church which gave them the opportunity to play a little music, give a devotional story, tell folks about the Sunday School and services and make an invitation for people to join them at Church that day.

Later, in 1958, Pastor Darby, then pastoring West High Baptist Church in Phoenix, had a twice-weekly 15 minute radio program for a period on KHEP 1280AM (no longer in existence) titled "Good News Broadcast."

What follows below are transcripts of a few of Pastor Darby's weekday teaching scripts.

Webmaster's note:  Dates listed below may be the dates on which he wrote them, not necessarily the date on which they were aired.


pointerTitus 3:3-8 "The Gospel Classic" Sep 19, 1950


pointerGal 3:13-14 "The Most Important Fact In The World" Sep 20, 1950



Eph 1:3-14 "The Security Of The Believer: The Sum Of All Our Blessings In Christ" Sep 21, 1950



John 7:37-39 "Rivers Of Living Water; Or How The Believer Becomes A Blessing." Sep 22, 1950


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