A Book Study of the Bible

by Pastor Wesley Darby

Job through Song of Solomon




Author- Job; 42 chapters; 2 hours reading time, Date written- 1520? BC; on theme "Why do the godly suffer?"

Oldest book in the Bible. Job may have been the brains behind the Great pyramid. Key message of the book - How a man can hold his head high before the world and say, "I have not transgressed the revealed will of God". Can you? But when God spoke to him he humbly bowed his head before Him. Key passage- 1:9 --"Doth Job fear God for naught?"


1- Satan Questions Job's loyalty 
19:25-27- Great testimony of  Redeemer & Resurrection 
38,39- God's Great Questions
42- When God finished with Job (Traditionalist) He doubled his blessings 


1 - Job, Satan
2 - Job's wife
4- Eliphaz (Dogmatist)
8- Bildad
11- Zophar (Moralist)
32- Elihu (college boy)
38- Jehovah God

Written in the order of a Greek philosophical tragic play; long dialogues, lofty ideas. Job's famous statement 6:25 "Haw forceful are right words, but what doth your arguing reprove?" One abiding message: "Beware Job's counsellors". Christ is seen as the risen Redeemer (19:25). In times of deep need the Book of Job gives a strange comfort - Trial is the school of trust, and God teaches patience through it.

Key verses -- 1:1 - description of Job; 1:5 - Job's devotion; 1:9 & 2:4,5- Satan questions Job's loyalty; 42:10-17- When Job prays for his friends, God forgives them.

Song - "Does Jesus Care?"
"I Know That My Redeemer Liveth"

Know the Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry: The living spring of Poetry is Emotion - Powerful feelings with a heart-to-heart appeal. Semitic people have passionate feelings and a fire of patriotism. Hebrew poetry rhymes thoughts/English poetry - sounds.
1. Synonymous- original thought repeated/echoed-Ps.1:1
2. Antithic - theme illustrated by contrast with opposite as in Ps. 1:6
3. Synthetic- Ideas completed in certain direction-1:3
4. Climactic or Ascending - changes rung on same key word or phrase- Ps. 29:1 or 71:1- Song of Ascents


Book 19 Psalms

Book 20 Proverbs

Book 21 Ecclesiastes

Book 22 Song of Solomon

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