Archive of Pastor Darby's Sermon Notes, transcribed from his original typewritten documents

John 10:7-18


Feb 3, 1947

Memory verse: I am the Good Shepherd; the Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep - John 10:11

Jesus is the open door, see John 9; the man turned from the temple sought Jesus.

The shepherd is the living door of the sheepfold. Jesus is the Door and the keeper of the sheep after they enter.

I. The Door of the Sheep v.7-10

A. The preceding verses identify Jesus as the true Shepherd, His people are His sheep.
B. The flocks kept in the fields in the daytime but returned to the fold at night for protection. The shepherd guarded the door against imposters. Thieves will climb the walls but the shepherd can enter the door. They know his voice.
C. It is said that only a sick sheep will follow a stranger - maybe those who follow the strange gospels are sick sheep.
D. Do you know His voice? Will you follow the Good Shepherd?
E. Consider the shepherd at the door. He lets them out when it is safe to feed and keeps them in when there is danger.
F. Note they go in and out, they are not in bondage. He is free to go in and out and find pasture.
G. The Door - the only way of entry - has two sides. "One door and only one -- on which side are you?"

II. The Keeper of the Sheep vv11-13.

A. It isn't all peaceful grazing on the hillside - there are wolves to fight and bears and lions.

1. The Good Shepherd will defend us
2. The hireling will flee.

B. This picture sure pictures the leaders of today, who flee when danger comes.
C. In the darkest hour Jesus is near and He never fails. He has no fear, He will give His life for His sheep.
D. We see Jesus' death for us -

1. v9, the Door - or the Cross
2. v11, the Keeper - of our salvation

III. The Savior of the Sheep vv14-18

A. He laid down His life for the sheep. See Luke 4:29-30, John 8:59.
B. He died for us willingly and knowing the price and the result.
C. We ought to be His instruments so He can reach others today.
D. Do not miss v16. There shall be One; He shall bring us together.