Archive of Pastor Darby's Sermon Notes, transcribed from his original typewritten documents

John 4: -


Oct 12, 1947

John 4:

:1-  His reason for going through Samaria - John the Baptist had recently been cast into prison by Herod.  Samaria was out of Herod's domain.  Perhaps the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman was purely incidental.

:6- A. Jacob's Well - one of the few spots of importance in Jesus' ministry that we know definitely where it is located.

     B. Jesus being wearied.

  1. Let us visualize a wearied Savior, wearied of our sins, our formal worship our erring through unbelief, our resistance of His Spirit, and our many rebellions.
  2. Let us visualize a waiting Savior, waits for a sinner, to be accepted, and for one to accept a commission.
  3. Let our penitence draw a vision.  Ourselves weary of our sin, waiting for our Savior, ready to be commissioned.

     C: The 6th hour - 1-12 from 6am to 6pm.

:7 - The woman of Samaria -

     Samaria .. The principle city of the ten tribes of Israel, belonging to the tribe of Ephraim, who were captured by the Assyrians, known as the lost ten tribes.  The Assyrians moved into the land and claimed it.  They came 700 B.C.  They accepted the Pentateuch and had in part a form of Judism.  They expected the Messiah to come to Samaria instead of Jerusalem.

     Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman.  This was unusual because the Jews regarded the Samaritans as very low, and Jesus picked the lowest - an unlawful concubine.

:10- The gift of God.  Could this mean the Gift of salvation to the gentiles?

:14- The water of everlasting life.

     Why is it that a feeling of unsatisfaction often comes over Christians?  Could it be because the water has been allowed to stagnate?

:21- The hour cometh when the gift of God is to be known.  Neither worship in mountain or in Jerusalem.

:22- The worship is in spirit.  The Father seeketh such to worship Him.

:23- The greatest spiritual truth.  Not formally, openly, visibly, by works, but with the innermost spirit.

:26- Jesus claiming to be the Messiah.

:38- Jesus tells His disciples that they will reap where they had not sown.

:42,42- Many believed, but

     Acts 8:4-8 Philip reaped a more abundant harvest.

Let us follow Jesus' plan - be ready at any moment to witness for our Father, ready to sow for someone else to reap.