The Coming Reign of Christ

Eschatological study by Pastor Wesley Darby



INTRO: The greatest Bible expositors of every generation were devout adherents of the doctrine of Christ's return.  They believed Christ was coming in glory to reign on earth - Rev. 20:6. This thousand years known as "Millennium". Latin "millie" - a thousand,, "annus"- a year . Millennium nowhere found in the Bible, but six times in Rev. 20. The Kingdom age is said to last a thousand years.


A. Pre-millenarian believes before millennial age can come into the world, Christ himself must return in person.

  1. As age goes on, the church will be less and less influential in affairs of the world.
  2. Instead of church overcoming world, the church will lose its hold upon the world.
  3. War, iniquity & lawlessness will increase, civil government will come under the power & influence of Satan.
  4. Lord will appear in air, raise up dead, catch up believers, church escape tribulation - Rev 3:10.

B. Post-millenarian believes civil & institutional life of man will be gradually transformed through the agency of the church.

  1. Preaching of gospel will have worldwide influence & will overcome greed, selfishness, hatred & war.
  2. World will grow better and better until by a gradual change the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God.
  3. The church will bring in the Kingdom and for a thousand years the ability and genius of man will be displayed.
  4. After millennium the Lord will come, separate the sheep & goats following a general resurrection.

C. A millennial school teaches there is no Millennium of any kind.

  1. God is calling out from the earth his church & will continue to do so until the word comes to an end.
  2. The end of the world will terminate at the return of Christ, one general resurrection & one general judgment, Christ will separate saved from the lost.


A. Many err in confusing the kingdom with the church.

  1. God's purpose for this age is the building of His church. Kingdom cannot be established until King returns.
  2. In this age He is offering a full & free Salvation to all- Eph. 3:6.
  3. The church is built gradually - kingdom is set up suddenly.
  4. The church is in the present - kingdom is yet future.
  5. Church age began with suffering - kingdom will manifest the glory of Christ - 1 Pet. 1: 10, 11

B. When we become Christians & members of His church we identify ourselves with his sufferings - Gal. 2: 20.

  1. Church age is that of gospel preaching & suffering - kingdom will be a manifestation of his regal splendor and glory.
  2. Church age will end at rapture - kingdom age will not commence until King returns the second time.

C. Both Jesus & John the Baptist preached - Matt. 3: 2, 4, 17.

  1. King was offering himself to Israel, Israel rejected her King & kingdom was postponed.
  2. Kingdom is not at hand- the Lord is at hand.

D. After rapture Jewish evangelists will once more preach the gospel of the kingdom.

  1. He will not offer himself to be received or rejected in that day, he shall rule with a “rod of iron” - Rev. 2: 26.
  2. During present age Christ can be received or rejected - in kingdom age he shall rule whether men want him or not.
  3. The distinguishing characteristic of the church age is grace - distinguishing characteristics of the kingdom age will be righteousness.

E. The grace of God is withholding judgment today & that is why he permits evil.

  1. In the kingdom age grace will not prevail but righteousness shall reign & all powers of evil will be subdued.
  2. Failure to distinguish between the church & kingdom results in confusion.




A. There is a spiritual Kingdom into which all those who believe enter.

  1. Must not spiritualize that Davidic throne that is to be rebuilt in Jerusalem.
  2. Two important passages: Isaiah. 9: 6-7 - Lk. 1:31- 33.

B. Modernist spiritualizes the truths in both these verses.

  1. Insists that neither virgin birth nor Davidic throne to be interpreted literally.
  2. Many aspects of divine revelation spiritualized away.


A. Prophetic scriptures present Person & work of Christ in full.

  1. Seen as sacrificial Lamb & as restless Lion.
  2. As Lamb see His suffering- as Lion see His sovereignty. Zach. 9:8, Isa. 53:7.

B. David displays this twofold revelation of Messiah.

  1. Psa. 22- “The Psalm of the Savior’s Cross.”
  2. Psa. 24- “The Psalm of the Sovereign’s Crown.”
  3. Dying Lamb- Dominating Lion- Psa. 69:20-21.

C. These prophecies literally fulfilled in suffering Christ.

  1. David uttered another that awaits fulfillment- Psalm 89:34- 36.


A. Davidic covenant holds important place in determining the purposes of God - II Sam. 7:12-16.

  1. David praised God for this unconditional promise - Ps. 89.
  2. The Davidic covenant included the provision of a Son, yet to be born, who would establish David's kingdom & occupy his throne.
    1. Some applied to Solomon, he sinned, kingdom declined.

B. Matt. 1:1-16 traces genealogy shows how God kept word in raising up David's Son.

  1. Mary was descendant of David, no matter how we view birth of Christ, He is entitled to throne of David.
  2. David looked to Solomon for fulfillment of God's plan to establish kingdom.
    1. Solomon ended in failure, David disappointed.
  3. Then David's Son, greater than Solomon was born.
    1. But where is the kingdom? Mk. 11:10
  4. Soon same crowd cried - "Crucify Him."

C. He died, He arose, seated on right hand, waiting - for what? - Psa. 110:1.

  1. The right to rule will never be transferred to any other.

D. David's kingship & reign will one day find its full realization in Jesus Christ.

  1. After David anointed king dethroned, enemies triumphed for a while, at last he triumphed over enemies, subdued them, broke their power, dealt with them in judgment, reigned in righteousness - II Sam. 8:15.
  2. This is type of Christ - He will occupy throne of David & shall judge the nations.

E. God will give to Christ the throne of David - Lk. 1:33.

  1. Note Jer. 23:5-6.
  2. Man will have nothing to say about this - Phil. 2:10-11.
  3. Acts 2:29-31 - no spiritualization here.
  4. Acts 2:34-35 - When Jehovah had sworn with an oath to David that David's Son would reign upon his throne, it was certain to pass.
    1. God cannot deny Himself.




A. Several times in Scripture we read about thrones of Christ.

  1. Since God is eternal, conclude somewhere in heaven is an eternal throne - Psa. 11:4.
  2. Doubtless Son shared that throne, when man sinned, Son left throne, came to earth, His footstool.
  3. Exchanged crown for cross.
  4. One day will leave Father's throne return for His bride.

B. He will sit upon the judgment seat, the Bema, translated throne - Acts. 12:21.

  1. Often called "the award throne."

C. Following tribulation, Christ will return to reign upon the throne of His glory.

  1. Matt. 25:31-34 - nations mentioned here are living nations on earth when our Lord returns.

D. Following judgment of nations, Lord ascends the throne of David where He reigns over Israel.

  1. This reign lasts thousand years, Jerusalem capitol.
  2. Gentile nations who persecuted God's chosen people will be punished with everlasting punishment - Matt. 25:40.
  3. When King comes back He will provide an era of peace & righteousness for His people.

E. At the end of Millennium, all things subjected under His feet, Christ will occupy the Great White Throne - Rev. 20:11-15.

  1. This is the final judgment of the wicked dead.
  2. The throne of God is established in unquestioned authority - Rev. 22:3.
  3. This is the eternal throne from which He shall reign throughout eternity.


A. The Millennial reign of Christ & God's promises to Israel cannot be divorced.

  1. Does Israel have an earthly possession?  Gen. 12:7, 17:8, 48:3,4.
  2. God will regather Israel to the Promised Land - Jer. 31:8,10.
  3. The Palestinian Covenant includes Israel's national conversion, restoration to the land, national prosperity & suppression of all Israel's oppressors - Isa. 8:8.


A. Zion appears well over one hundred times in O.T.

  1. This is the earthly city of Jerusalem, II Sam. 5:7, 9, Ki. 8:1, Psa. 48:2.
  2. God speaks of Jerusalem's future - Isa. 52:1, 2, 7:70.

B. Zion shall be redeemed & the King shall come again to that city - Lk. 21:24.

C. Today Palestine is taking on new life.

  1. The day is not far away when Jesus will return as Israel's Messiah & King - Zech. 1:14-17.

D. Scripture pictures a coming kingdom of Christ, a new kingdom on the earth, centered at Jerusalem.

  1. God is not through with the Jews, Jesus was a Jew, Scripture penned by Jewish hands, apostles were Jews.
  2. We should the greatest friend the Jew has.