Orientation To Christian Service - Personal File

by Pastor Wesley Darby




If you are serious about gaining sufficient knowledge to do an effective job in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will need the following:

A GOOD REFERENCE BIBLE - SCOFIELD is one of the best. (ABC Bookstore, 1813 E. Thomas)
Christian workers around the world are using Scofield Reference Bibles. Every fundamental Bible College and Seminary recommends its use. It has helped more people to know God's Word than any other man-made help.

A SMALL POCKET SIZE NOTEBOOK - have it with you all the time. 3 x 5 card size is best. You never know when you will receive something that is valuable enough to keep. Take notes on all sermons, Bible lessons, etc. Date each group of notes, and make a note of who is teaching or preaching. Record any ideas you might have that are worth remembering. Write down a prayer list, and also your spiritual needs and decisions. Keep a spiritual diary continually.

A WORK NOTEBOOK - 8 x 11 inch pages, 3-ring school size notebook. When possible use this notebook for all studies and information on Christian service you are able to gather. Divide the notebook as needed, but as each section is completed file it in your Reference File, in 8 x 11 Manila Folders.

A REFERENCE FILE - This file may begin in a notebook, but should be expanded into a Letter-size file with filing folders as needed. Any of the following items should be kept and filed for future use. (A more complete filing system is available if you want it.) Anything that is properly filed can be easily reclaimed and used.

DEVOTIONAL MATERIAL - small items of devotional help. These may not be of practical use, or might not be such a blessing the second time, but form a habit of keeping poems, short sayings, quotations, pictures, and such that have blessed your heart. If you are sure you want to keep it, file alphabetically by subject.

PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF BIBLE STUDY - mechanical methods of Bible study, rules and principles. Know-how helps, topical lists, dispensations, covenants, Doctrines, and so forth. When this is removed from your work notebook, file them alphabetically according to main topic and subdivide.

BIBLE MATERIALS - SYNTHESIS AND EXPOSITION - actual studies and sermons of the Bible as a whole, or verse by verse exposition. Keep this file in Biblical order, and expand and add folders as your material grows.

HISTORY - the progress and history of the Lord's Church. File under History, in chronological order of the first date mentioned.

PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY - How to serve the Lord and working out what is known. This will include S.S. helps, How To Teach suggestions, Rules of Speaking, How to Win a Soul, and illustrations and examples. Flannelgraphs, Visual Aids, and so forth, should kept in proper containers. Where possible, file them according to the Subject or Scripture passage being taught, but where this cannot be done, make a note and stick it in the alphabetical or scriptural file telling where visual aid can be found. Children's stories, pictures, etc. for use in S.S., V.B.S., etc. and missions file - use separate file or filing section.


  1. Carry God's Word, at least a New Testament, all of the time.
  2. Study God's Word daily, using helps of various kinds.
  3. Memorize at least one verse of Scripture each week.
  4. Observe a quiet time with God each day.
  5. Witness to others by speaking to them, by living a separated Christian life, and by distributing Gospel material tracts.


  1. A "Bible Reading Schedule" - to guide you through the Bible in a year.
  2. A "Quick Flip Bible Marking Code" - to help you mark your Bible.*
  3. A "Christian's Basic Library" - listing economical books to start your library.
  4. A list of "Verses for Salvation" - For personal workers to memorize.
  5. Regular Bible classes every Sunday morning.


*Click here for Pastor Darby's Quick Flip Bible Marking Code