Stewardship In Action!!!

by Pastor Wesley Darby


S T E W A R D S H I P    I N     A C T I O N    !!!

The Bible is the all sufficient rule of faith and practice, and we believe what it has to say about stewardship.  God holds each man personally responsible to be a good steward of his time, talents, and his pocketbook.  None of these can be cared for easily.

God expects a man to be a Christian seven days a week, but to give the first day of the week to the Lord in a special way.  A man must labor as unto the Lord in every job.  A man's finances are entrusted to him but the Lord.

Before the Law was written the man of God tithed.  Under the Law they tithed or it was taken from them.  Under Grace each man is personally responsible to God for what he does, but the church is to instruct him in what the Lord's Word says.

The Tithe (10%) is the Lord's and should be brought into the Lord's House (Gen. 28:22; Mal. 3:10;  Matt. 23;23;  I Cor. 16:2).  Every member has a part in the formation of the Budget, and what we attempt to do for the Lord has strength in unity.

Offerings are given where and when we feel the Lord's leadership.  The Law set this at 1-2/3% (First Fruits) as a thank offerings, and we use it to support special projects and missionaries.  The special 3rd year tithe -- 3-1/3% (Deut. 14:28-29) was to be used as almsgiving for the poor.  

This all came to 15%. 

We are not under Law but under Grace.  Should we do less because we are motivated by love instead of fear?  Yet when the "plate" is passed in our church it is each person's own business what he puts in.  

Our records are confidential and the church is businesslike in its dealings but it is up to your free will what you give to the Lord and His work.