The Sunday School Teacher

by Pastor Wesley Darby



THE COVENANT: "Knowing Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and obeying Him as My Master, I accept the position of Sunday School Teacher as a responsibility from God.   Knowing I shall give an account to Him of my Stewardship, I pledge to give my best in the service of this office, and to seek every possible way to improve my ability to carry out its responsibilities."

MOTTO: "Our greatest service to the Highest Calling"

THEME VERSE: II Tim. 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."


1. Thou shalt teach the Scriptures, diligently studying and seeking to improve thy ability to teach by personal and group studies and by attending the Teachers' Meetings.

2. Thou shalt bow down thyself regularly in prayer for thyself, thy pupils and thy fellowlaborers that all might grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Thou shalt give thy church thy undying loyalty and support.  Thou shalt believe its doctrines, and attend its meetings.  Thou shalt defend it from all its enemies, and shalt constantly promote its prosperity and spirituality.

4. Thou shalt remember the Great Commission.  Thou shalt teach a world wide missionary outreach, and shalt practice it by evangelizing thy class and thy neighborhood.  Regular contacts and visits shall be made on absentees and prospects to gain their conversion to Christ.

5. Thou shalt honor thy pastor and thy fellowlaborers that thy days may be long and blessed in the Church to which the Lord thy God hath given thee.

6. Thou shalt not use intoxicants or narcotics.  (This includes Tobacco.)

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery against the Bridegroom of your soul by worldly loves such as dancing and theater attendance, and thou shalt rule thy T.V. and Radio lest they corrupt thy affections to Christ.  Thou shalt show thy love to Christ in speech and appearance.

8. Thou shalt not gamble.

9. Thou shalt not gossip against God's children, neither shalt thou back-bite when instructed.

10. Thou shalt not be temperamental in advancing thyself or thine ideas.



For the Preparation of the Heart you need:

1. Time each day for personal devotion needs to be met in devotional Bible reading and prayer.

2.  Time each day to lay before the Lord your love for your class and to cry out to the Lord in real compassion that your pupils might be saved.

3.  Personal sins must be confessed and a sweet relationship with God must always be yours.  It will show itself in your humility and cooperation with others.

For the Preparation of the Head you need:

1.  The week should be planned to give you a thorough study of the actual lesson to be taught.

2.  Related Scriptures must be compared, and the individual lesson must not violate the over-all message and plan of the Bible and God's perfect will.

3.  Current events, illustrations, visual aids must be carefully chosen to teach the lesson effectively.

4.  Fair S.S. teachers teach the lesson, good ones teach the pupils.  The best ones teach the pupils the lesson.  Study the spiritual needs of your pupils and supply them with what they need as individual souls.

For the Preparation and Use of the Hand you need:

1.  Have a plan to, A- get new prospects to visit your class, B- get the visitors to come back, C- get the absentees back, D- get the inactive pupils back again active.  This will take 4 separate plans.

2.  Make contacts each week by phone, card or letter; send out class to call; go calling yourself.  To teach a class - you must have a class.

3.  Check your class room.  If it is not the best of all possible class rooms get busy.  You may have to do it yourself, but don't be content to be in a rut.

For the Protection of your Health you need:

1.  Eliminate the devil's diversions that kill your time and your soul.  "Greatest service to highest calling."

2.  Work does not kill, but worry does.  Discipline yourself, work hard, but turn all your worries over to the Lord.  Worry is a sin.  Don't carry a grudge or a misunderstanding but go to your brother and settle it.

3.  Do not linger on success or failure.  Praise God for success and press on.  Confess to God your failure and your sins and press on.  Emotional problems grow into physical and spiritual ones.