Great Doctrines of the Bible - Introduction



Pastor - Wesley Darby

Words have meaning - say what you mean, mean what you say.

"West High" - gives our location.
"Baptist" - We are a part of a historic heritage of faith.
"Church" - A Body of believers in Jesus Christ, bound together by common belief, exercising our gifts for His glory, and fulfilling the great commission!

We are ORTHODOX in our Faith - "Sound in doctrine, holding the historic Christian faith common in Christendom.
Our Corporation papers and Constitution contain a Statement of Faith; thus we are a confessional body.  Our Doctrine involves certain great theological words.  We are Conservative as we seek to conserve the original meaning of these great gospel words.

THEOLOGY - The Doctrine of God.  God is a Spirit, His tri-personal existence shown in the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; with His attributes showing His Infinity, Spirituality, and Perfection, and He loves us.
CHRISTOLOGY - The Doctrine of Christ - God's only begotten Son, the essence of the Almighty Incarnate in human flesh, confirming God's great love for mankind.
PNEUMATOLOGY - The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit - God's office as He works in the area of the human soul.
ANTHROPOLOGY - The Doctrine of Man - God's special creation in His image, but fallen; made new creation in Christ.
HAMARTIOLOGY - The Doctrine of Sin - any disobedience to God is opposition to God, unbelief, disrupts His image.
SOTERIOLOGY - The Doctrine of Salvation - includes repentance, faith, etc.  Man is saved from penalty, power and presence of sin by the personal application of the blood of Christ.
ECCLESIOLOGY - The Doctrine of the Church - truth about the Body of Christ; ordinances, commission and government.
ANGELOLOGY - The Doctrine of Angels and their work.
DEMONOLOGY - The Doctrine of Demons and Satan - real and personal.
ESCHATOLOGY - The Doctrine of Last Things - or Prophecy, the second coming of Christ, Judgments, Resurrections, etc.
BIBLIOLOGY - The Doctrine of the Bible - Divinely inspired and our only all-sufficient rule of faith and practice.

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