Great Doctrines of the Bible

Theology: The Nature of God

by Pastor Wesley Darby




GOD IS A SPIRIT - The Answer to Materialism

John 4:24 - Samaritan woman asked Where? Jesus answered What! - Where becomes unimportant. We worship in Spirit - no place, form, limitation. And in Truth - not by false conceptions of men.  John 1:18 - God is invisible - the Son declares Him

GOD HAS A PERSONALITY - The Answer to Pantheism.  We can have a personal fellowship with God- Communion.
Personality exists where there is intelligence, mind, will, reason, individuality, self consciousness, and self-determination - Ex. 3:14 "I Am that I Am."

GOD HAS UNITY - The Answer to Polytheism. The three greatest "religions" in the world are Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedianism - all three have the Bible!  Deut. 6:4- "The Lord our God is one Lord" I Tim. 2:5

GOD IS A TRINITY - The Answer to Unitarianism.  There is a deep mystery, never completely analyzed nor understood, definitely taught in nature and the Bible.

  1. Plural names used of God- Elohim, etc.
  2. Personal pronouns used by God- "Us" - Gen 1:26
  3. Theophanies of the Old Testament - Gen 16,18
  4. Work of the Holy Spirit - Gen 1:2, Judges 6:34
  5. Baptism of Christ - Matt. 3:16,17
  6. Baptismal Formula - Matt. 28:19
  7. Apostolic Benediction - II Cor. 13:14
  8. Testimony of Christ - John 14:16
  9. The New Testament -
    Father who is God - Rom. 1:7, John 1:18
    Son who is God- Heb. 1:8, John 1:14,18
    Spirit who is God - Acts 5:3,4; I Cor 2:9,10
  10. Simple, though incomplete picture from Paul's prayer in I Thess. 5:23 - If we are in the image of God, then He must in some sense also be Body-Soul-Spirit, and the Office of God the Son, Holy Ghost, and Father fits the 3-fold picture of complete being.
  11. When we pray - we commune with God the Father, with our hearts moved by God the Holy Ghost, and through the medium of God the Son.

It is Faith that opens the door - Heb. 11:6.  God is infinite and no definition of ours can be complete - but HE LOVES ME!  To believe Him opens my eyes and to love Him opens my heart.

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